Who & What are Certified Acquisition Advisors

 More than a business brokerage firm

We are Business Intermediaries and Merger & Acquisition Advisors focusing on lower middle-market businesses in the West and Central Florida marketplace. Merger &Acquisition Advisors focus on serving clients in the middle market arena while those that call themselves business brokers generally serve different clientele and tend to focus on smaller “main street” transactions.

Marketing our M & A clients

We market our Merger & Acquisition clients to sophisticated buyers who may not be located in the same geographical area as the client.  To bring the deals to closure, and bring our clients success, the companies we represent must be prepared for the lengthy and sophisticated M&A process and marketed in a highly professional manner.  This is where we bring our backgrounds and skill sets to the Merger & Acquisition process.  As advisors throughout the Merger & Acquisition process, we assist clients as they navigate through the oftentimes lengthy negotiation, due diligence, and documentation processes.

Our Certified, C-Level and Senior Executive designations make us stand apart from the typical and customary Intermediary or Business Broker.  Our advisors bring proven business experience and professional credentials to each engagement.

Our Mission: 

At Certified Acquisition Advisors (CAA), our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the professional representation needed to bring transactions to successful conclusions.  Ownership transfers for over 75% of businesses listed for sale never materialize.  Our mission at Certified Acquisition Advisors (CAA) is to dramatically reduce this unacceptable failure rate and help both sellers and buyers fulfill their dreams.

We’re Different:

Certified, C-Level and Senior Executive designations make us stand apart from the typical and customary Intermediary or Business Broker.  We bring proven business experience and professional credentials to each engagement.  As objective advisors, our perspective builds on the subjective outlook of our entrepreneur clients and our differences strengthen the relationship.  Our consultants are unbiased, and being removed from the emotional and historical perspectives of the businesses we serve, can offer the matter-of-fact tough advice and guidance needed to bring every transaction to a successful conclusion.

Merger & Acquisition Advisors

Our clients tell us that our focus, level of education and training, and “Big 4” firm experience sets us apart.  We have the most appropriate certifications, specializations and advanced degrees to serve the Merger & Acquisition marketplace.

Many companies seeking acquisitions will look at a multitude of potential acquisition candidates before choosing the best target.  To address this, we actively coach our clients in proper preparation strategies.  This allows our clients to focus on running their business, while we focus on getting it sold.

When the deal is consummated, if requested, we will help locate appropriate local executives to assist the team on the buy-side.



As the economy recovers, banks begin lending, and businesses are again becoming available for sale, many business brokers are “retooling” their expertise and rethinking their approach to the marketplace.  To brand or re-brand themselves, some practitioners are altering the professional designations they use.  A short explanation may prove helpful.


Business Intermediaries can better assist you in your search for a business if they have a framework from which to search.  Certified Acquisition Advisors developed a Buyer’s Checklist for our buyer clients to help them outline and communicate their objectives.  More information and explanatory tools are available on the “Buyers” page.  Allow Certified Acquisitions to assist you with your acquisition strategy and implementation.


Having a well-documented business operation supported by a business plan is invaluable to a successful sale.  Certified Acquisition Advisors developed a Seller’s Checklist to get entrepreneurs focused on some areas to be addressed in preparing their company for sale.  How does your company rate?  How many “To-Do’s” have you considered in preparing your business for sale?  A completed checklist will get sellers headed in the right direction.  The “Sellers” page has additional tools to guide you.

The decision to sell marks the beginning of a long process of analyzing, marketing, and negotiating.  Certified Acquisition Advisors has the credentials and experience to help you effectively market your business and maximize your return.


At Certified Acquisition Advisors (CAA), we can help you create a clear business strategy and guide you in the implementation of your plan.  We will assist you with:

     •  Identifying and reviewing external and internal issues.
•  Development of mission and vision statements.
•  Establishment of critical success factors.
•  Development of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time
Focused) goals.
•  Development of “dashboards” or key performance indicators.
•  Document the business infrastructure such as organization charts, position
descriptions, etc.

Call Certified Acquisition Advisors if you need assistance in preparing your business plan.


To operate as a Business Broker or Business Intermediary in the State of Florida, a real estate license is required.  The real estate license permits brokers to receive fees for the sale of the assets of a business.  If a business sale is structured as a “stock-based transaction” as differentiated from the sale of assets, the participating intermediaries who receive transaction based success fee compensation should have securities licenses. 

House Bill 2274, which would establish licensing for Merger & Acquisition Brokers, was introduced to Congress in June 2013.  Both sellers and buyers of businesses should review the proposed legislation.  Also, see “Stock Structured Sales and Seller Financing” article in the Published Articles page of the web-site.


Member:            Business Brokers of Florida, President Tampa Bay and SW Florida districts
International Business Brokers Association
Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors
  National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts
Association for Corporate Growth
Business Transition Council  of Tampa, Chairman, and President