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  • 11 virtual meetings a year (90 minutes divided into 30 minutes of networking and an hour of presentations). Educational subjects include PROCESS & PROCEDURES that touch on privately held (Small Business Owner) succession, transitions, and exit strategies.
  • 3 in-person networking/friend-raising events per year. Members may invite guests to attend.
  • 3 educational symposiums are put on by our members for the greater business community.
  • Ability to place short articles (with board approval) on our blog.
  • Unlimited connection and support with your fellow members.

Mastermind Groups

The Business Transition Council was formed with the intent that members would search each other out to build interpersonal relationships for the betterment of themselves and the clients they serve. 

Not every business will need all of our members and certainly not at the same time, however, the more you know about one another the easier it is to stay top of mind when a need arises. 

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  • The Business Transition Council seeks to optimize its allied professional members' business expertise and success by interactively sharing ideas, experiences, education and insights among its members having diverse yet complimentary skills and perspectives, thereby increasing members' professional effectiveness and value they bring to the marketplace. Mission Priorities: Dare to Share -- Ideas, Experiences, and Tools Collaborate and Brainstorm Commit to the Mission Reach Out to Entrepreneurs and Each Other