Business Growth Simplified: How to Rapidly Create a Self-Sustaining Business

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This book reveals the 5 stages of business maturity and 8 factors that influence your ability to navigate the journey.


This book is meant to help small business owners realize the life independence and financial freedom they dreamed of when starting their businesses. To accomplish this, it means getting your business to the self-sustainability stage of the growth model. When you achieve this level of business growth then you truly have choices: let your business run itself “as is”; sell it when the market is ready, or scale it into a large corporation.

If you are among the owners working longer and harder while getting nowhere in your small business, then you need this book. Find out why your business is stuck and your dreams are on hold, and how to get unstuck and rapidly grow your business so you can have the choices that a self-sustainable business offers.


This Is A Resource For You If…

Anyone who owns a business but has not yet achieved “absentee ownership” will benefit by learning what it takes to remove yourself from the daily operation of their business.


Suggested By: Dino Eliadis