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About Us

While designed as a learning organization for its membership, Business Transition Council’s in turn contributes its knowledge to the business community as the foremost authority on business transition, succession, and exit.

Businesses transition and transform as they mature, just like people do. Our members are experts in assisting business owners in the many transitions that occur in management and leadership.

We look forward to being a resource as you learn more about succession, exit, and transition assisting you in smoothing your transitions as you move from transition to succession and ultimately exit from your privately held (small business).

Our History

Dan Maloney CPA and Michael C Valdez CFP® met at the Association of Corporate Growth in 2005. Their conversation revolved around how owners were getting older and their research found more and more business owners would be exiting their business.  After several conversations, they thought it would be interesting to learn more about all the different men and women working with entrepreneurs through the process of succession, exit, and transition. They found themselves at the forefront of a new area of growth for trusted advisors to privately held (small business owners). They began meeting in 2006 and formalized the organization in 2008. They have been meeting continually on the first Tuesday of the month ever since and have had numerous business advisors who have benefited from this learning organization.