Are You In Transition?


Transition refers to mastering the competencies necessary to (transform yourself) and to lead an organization large enough to allow you to achieve independence and financial freedom. Learning how you think about yourself, your business, your employees, and your customers become the basis for positive transformation. BTC members are skilled in helping business owners in their transitions as they grow and ultimately exit their business.

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Succession is the identification and transfer of responsibility for a job or task from one person to another. To build value and become independent from your business it requires that you transfer the day-to-day leadership of business functions to others. BTC members are skilled in helping business owners with succession identification and training.


Exit planning is the monetization and transfer of business ownership from one person or organization to another. This is a major undertaking and does not happen overnight. BTC members are well versed in the exit planning process and can assist you in identifying which strategies best suit your unique situation.

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