Small Business Success

Dedicated to helping your business.

The Business Transition Council of Tampa, Inc. is a professional organization founded in 2008 by a group of professionals with a common goal of learning, teaching and facilitating small business success. The group, at its core, recognizes that the entrepreneurial spirit of America needs constant care to thrive in the future.

Transitioning new entrepreneurs into being the business owners of existing and successful businesses is critical to our country and its position in the world markets.

This organization and its site are dedicated to that goal.

Key to small business success
Unlock your business’s potential.

Running a small business is complicated requiring numerous skill sets and advisors to supplement those skills.  There are also numerous transitions from start-up to selling a business.  Our advisors, who work independently with small business owners have experience in every aspect of small business transformation, services, personal growth, and transition.

Monthly speakers on business growth and transformation.

Consider attending one of our monthly meetings to learn more about transforming your business.   Each month we invite informative speakers to discuss small business topics on growth, transition, and transformation.  Here is a video from last months speaker, Kevin Crenshaw, author of “Never Boss”.

Core members supporting small business success:

Business Growth

Dino EliadisBusiness Growth Simplified

John Hamerlinck –  Digital Marketing Strategist

Executive Development

William D. Anton Ph.D. – CEO Effectiveness, LLC

Cindy HestermanVistage Chair

Successful CEOs and business owners join Vistage to become better leaders, make better decisions, and achieve better results.  Vistage’s proven process combines peer group meetings, one-to-one executive coaching, expert speakers and an international brain trust of over 20,000 members in 17 countries.

Business Services

Katie DierksSales ExecutiveBouchard Insurance

Pete JordanChief Financial Officer | RCH Capital

CFO for RCH Capital, LLC, Pete has held financial and operational management positions at privately-held companies owned by some of Tampa Bay’s most successful entrepreneurs. 

Dan Maloney –  Certified Acquisition Specialists

Stratton Smith, JD, LLM  Business Structuring, Transactions, Estate and Tax Planning, Estate and Trust Administration.

Michael C. Valdez, AIF®, CLU®,  Certified Financial PlannerTM     Synergy Wealth Alliance