Top Tier Executive Leaders Are Influential

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Top tier executive leaders are influential in known and unknown ways. The problem is that they tend to believe that their influence on others is based on known transmissions which often disguise from them tacit powerful messages that often work at cross-purposes with their conscious intentions. CEO Effectiveness has developed an eco-system of experiences that help leaders become aware that the current understanding of themselves and the world may not be adequate or optimal for achieving the performance goals that are important to them.  We can help top-tier leaders discover what needs to be changed, find the fuel to help with change, address self-limiting behaviors, disarm their security system to make real change possible, and help them re-wire their brains to create greater access to their inner genius. The beauty of our approach is that these changes often geometrically increase the effectiveness of the entire organization by minimizing resistance, encouraging engagement and achieving results by empowering others.


  • 1. The quality of your relationship with yourself is the upper limit on the quality of a relationship you can have with anyone else.
  • 2. The things we are aware of in ourselves are less influential than what we don’t know about.
  • 3. What we don’t know about ourselves glints and winks at us throughout our lives and we actively avoid answering the call.
  • 4. There is a direct relationship between your level of self-knowledge, your impact on others, and how comfortable others feel in your presence.


  • 1. Nothing living will obey
  • 2. We contribute to what we see
  • 3. Commitment to a relationship/organization is a function of the possibility of growth
  • 4. People only invest in what they themselves create
  • 5. Optimal performance occurs at intermediate levels of drive